About Nic Norbeck


Nic Norbeck

Professional Fishing Guide

Nic Norbeck is a fully licensed and insured Washington State fishing guide since 2001. Nic carries full insurance for all of his customer's safety and is certified in First Aid and CPR. He has also secured his United States Coast Guard license of which compliments a Washington State Charter license. This allows him to take his fishing guests to other areas in Washington that normal guide licensing does not allow. Nic has dedicated his life to making every outing safe, fun and successful.

Nic’s fishing business is a full-time occupation twelve months out of the year. Seasons are always changing along with techniques and types of fish. All tho it may seem excessive, Nic strives to keep track of every little change in tactics and conditions by logging a journal and date book every day he fishes. With a great network of fellow fishing guides and private anglers, he provides the most up to date knowledge and techniques to put the fish on your line.

Elite Guide Service was formed originally in 2001 with the help of long time fishing partner. Nic pressed on through thick and thin times slowly developing a clientele that would follow him through all kinds of adventures. It took ten years of hard work and countless fishing trips to put the razor sharp edge to his sword. Now he is considered to be one of the finest fishing guides Washington has to offer. Thanks to his buddy and a far-fetched idea, Nic Norbeck’s Elite Guide Service has become a heart pounding, line stretching, make you smile business for everyone.

Elite Guide Service is the only guide in Washington State to provide Willie’s Boat’s exclusively for his customers. Nic has three boats to choose from depending on the time of year. First is an 18-foot Willie’s drift boat designed to handle 3 guests and the guide. Second is a 20 foot Willie’s Predator jet boat designed for 4 guests and the guide. Third and biggest of the Willie’s family is a 25-foot Raptor jet boat designed to handle 6 guests and the guide. Both jet boats are powered by Mercury Outboards.

Nic has fished from Alaska to the mighty Columbia River and everywhere in between providing successful fishing trips for all ages to enjoy. Elite Guide Service has an adventure for everyone, specializing in family, friend’s, military, disabled and corporate.