Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a fishing license?

YES, all people who fish are required to have a valid fishing license with the State of Washington. You can get your license online at Department of Fish & Wildlife.

How much fishing time do we get?

Typically we meet from 5am to 7am on the day of the trip at a designated meeting point (usually where there is a store to get some last minute items if needed). On a full day of fishing we normally get back to the boat ramp around 2:30-3:30 PM with an extra 30 minutes or so for fish cleaning.

How much should I tip?

While we can not tell you how much to tip, we can share some common practices of tipping that's used. First, tip what you can afford. We are not out to break you and want this to be a fun time. Many people often tip 15% and up, but again, it is completely at your discretion. Remember that we can also clean your fish for you should you prefer and that may have some impact on how much you wish to tip. Just make sure having FUN is first priority and go from there.

What methods of payments can I use?

Many clients like to pay their deposit using a PayPal or by personal check and then pay the balance the day of the trip. This method is always welcome. You can also pay the full amount on PayPal (3% fee added) if needed but we would need to collect the full amount before the day of the fishing trip.

What type of clothing should I bring?

Think LAYERS! It is always good to start off with good socks and dry shoes or boots. Look at the weather of course but always assume that there may be rain in the forecast. Your outer layer should consist of Rain Gear and Boots and may also include gloves. Then a quality warm jacket that has some insulation. From there you may want to also have a light jacket or sweatshirt over your undershirts. Pants may include long underwear in the colder months with jeans or sweats over the top. Make sure your rain gear includes bottoms so you don't have to sit on a wet seat.

Should I bring food to eat?

Yes, we recommend that you bring snacks to munch on if desired and pack a good lunch including something to drink. Hot coffee may also be on your list and placing it in a thermos is highly recommended. There is some storage on the boat to keep your food items dry. 

Do we get to catch the Captains limit for him?

No, the Captains limits are off limits.